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13 Best Coffee Shops in Orlando: Your Ultimate Caffeine Guide

Nellie Murphy, Senior Writer


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    Orlando, Florida, is renowned for its enchanting theme parks, enthralling entertainment, and vibrant culture. Yet, nestled between these sun-soaked delights are hidden gems that can turn any day magical – the city’s cozy coffee shops. Not only do these cafés offer a reprieve from the bustling city life and a haven for coffee aficionados, but they also boast about their unique atmospheres, eclectic clientele, and above all, sterling cups of coffee. Whether you’re kickstarting your morning, seeking a mid-day pick-me-up, or cozying up with a book and a latte, these are the 13 best coffee shops in Orlando to satiate your caffeine cravings and offer an invigorating taste of local flavor.

    1. Craft & Common: A Haven for Coffee Connoisseurs

    Stepping into Craft & Common, you’re immediately welcomed by an ambience that fuses modern chic with homey comfort. Known for its meticulous handcrafted beverages, this is where you will find coffee that’s both an art and a science. Each cup is a symphony of flavor, from their carefully curated coffee beans to the perfect brewing technique. Here you can indulge in:

    • Signature lattes with beautiful latte art
    • Single-origin pour-overs for the purists
    • Sweet and savory delights perfect for pairing with your brew

    A Barista’s Recommendation at Craft & Common

    For a truly special experience, try their honey lavender latte, a delightful mix of floral notes and sweet honey that highlights their expertise in flavor combinations. Don’t forget to claim a spot by the window for some people-watching as you sip on your crafted beverage.
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    2. Lineage Coffee Roasting: The Epicenter of Coffee Innovation

    At Lineage Coffee Roasting, it’s about more than just a drink – it’s about the story. Each batch of coffee is sourced with care, ensuring sustainable practices and the finest beans make their way into your cup. Visitors will find:
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    • Exquisitely roasted beans that speak of their origin
    • A rotating selection of single-origin batches
    • An airy, minimalist space that celebrates the essence of coffee

    What Makes Lineage Stand Out?

    The must-try here is the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, renowned for its aromatic complexity and winey acidity. Lineage invites you to unfold the layers with every sip and appreciate the heritage within.
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    3. Foxtail Coffee Co.: Where Community and Coffee Meet

    Foxtail Coffee Co. is more than just a local coffee shop; it’s a community hub. Every visit offers an eclectic atmosphere where friendships are formed over shared tables and robust coffees. You’ll be treated to:
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    • Espresso blends that boast a rich body and smooth finish
    • Seasonally inspired drinks that add a festive touch
    • Spacious interiors that welcome both work and leisure

    Seasonal Specials to Look For

    Underline your day with their pumpkin spice latte when autumn arrives, or revel in a cold brew with homemade almond milk during the warmer months.
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    4. Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar: An Eclectic Spot with Global Flavors

    Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar does not shy away from creativity. This spot is as famous for its quirky décor as it is for its internationally inspired coffee menu. Patrons can enjoy:
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    • Global coffee selections that take your taste buds on a journey
    • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly options
    • A relaxed environment perfect for laid-back encounters

    A Unique Sip to Remember

    Do not leave without trying the Thai coffee—a bold yet smooth concoction with a hint of spice that’ll transport you to the streets of Bangkok. This hidden treasure is a taste profile adventure not to be missed.
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    5. The Heavy: A Trendsetter in Coffee and Atmosphere

    The Heavy is not your ordinary coffee shop; it’s a dynamic space that blends an urban greenhouse with a sophisticated coffee haven. Guests at The Heavy are treated to:
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    • Freshly brewed coffees amidst lush greenery
    • A selection of local pastries to complement your beverage
    • A picture-perfect setting that’s sure to lift your spirits

    The Heavy’s Distinctive Offer

    For those who cherish a robust roast, the Americano here is bold and beautiful, a testament to the quality beans used. It’s a straightforward choice for those who enjoy their coffee strong and unadorned.

    6. Credo Conduit: Coffee with a Cause

    Credo Conduit stands out with its community-centric model, as it operates on a “name your price” philosophy. The space is both a coffee shop and a collaborative workspace, fostering connections over cups of ethical coffee. Highlights include:

    • A donation-based payment system that supports local initiatives
    • Community tables to encourage conversation and ideas
    • A selection of hand-crafted pies and pastries

    Noteworthy at Credo

    The Credo blend is a harmonious mix of medium and dark roast beans, creating the perfect balance for those who can’t decide between the two. Your contribution for a cup supports a meaningful cause, rewarding in more ways than one.

    7. Deeply Coffee: A Modernistic Approach to Classic Brews

    Deeply Coffee stands out with its sleek, minimalist design and attention to detail in every brew. This shop is for those who appreciate precision in their coffee—expect nothing less than perfection here. Offerings include:

    • Expertly crafted espresso drinks
    • A rotating selection of specialty brews
    • Delicate pastries to pair with your choice

    The Specialty To Try

    For a rich and velvety experience, the cortado is a marvel. With just the right amount of milk to coffee, it’s a balanced delight that highlights Deeply’s dedication to the craft.

    8. Viking Coffee: A Journey into the Bold and the Brave

    Embrace the Norse spirit at Viking Coffee, where strength and courage are infused into every cup. This unique shop takes pride in its bold flavors and thematic décor that transports you to another realm. Here you can discover:

    • A blend of traditional and innovative coffee drinks
    • House-made syrups that elevate the flavors
    • A dose of courage with every sip you take

    Signature Drink to Conquer the Day

    Try the Viking Brew, a powerful concoction underscored by a specialty house blend. It’s the kind of drink that prepares you for epic adventures—or just a vigorous workday.

    9. Vespr Coffeebar: Artisanal Elegance in Every Cup

    Vespr Coffeebar presents an elegant array of artisanal coffees in a contemporary setting. They are committed to a quality experience from their sophisticated interiors to their intricate drinks. Among their offerings are:

    • Specially crafted espresso creations
    • Seasonal specials that keep your palate intrigued
    • A tranquil environment to unwind or get work done

    Highlight Creation at Vespr

    Indulge in their matcha latte, a gentle nod to traditions with a modern spin. Smooth, creamy, and packed with antioxidants, it’s a healthy alternative for those looking to switch up their coffee routine.

    10. Axum Coffee: Impacting the World One Cup at a Time

    Axum Coffee is on a mission to make a difference globally while serving exceptional coffee locally. Named after a city in Ethiopia, they donate profits to support communities. You’ll find:

    • A strong commitment to social causes
    • A warm, inviting space filled with positivity
    • A variety of coffee options that cater to all preferences

    A Philanthropic Choice

    Opt for the house blend, a versatile coffee that’s both full-bodied and smooth. Each purchase contributes to a better world, so you can feel good with every sip.

    11. Qreate Coffee + Studio: Creativity and Coffee Interwoven

    Qreate Coffee + Studio fuses a coffee shop with a photography studio, making it a mecca for creative minds. Amidst the buzz of artistic energy, they serve:

    • Inventive coffee drinks that inspire
    • Space for artists to showcase their work
    • A vibrant atmosphere that encourages creativity

    A Photographer’s Choice

    The espresso tonic at Qreate is a refreshing choice for creatives in need of a muse. The combination of bitter and sweet is a testament to the beautiful dichotomy that is art and inspiration.

    12. Paloma Coffee Co.: A Touch of Serenity

    At Paloma Coffee Co., tranquility reigns supreme. This boutique café is a peaceful retreat to enjoy a well-crafted cup of coffee in a serene environment. They offer:

    • Ethically sourced beans that result in pure flavors
    • Handmade baked goods that complement your coffee
    • A minimalist décor that calms the mind

    Find Your Zen With

    Take a moment to enjoy their &Umlatte, a signature drink that’s both comforting and unique. It’ll provide a moment of zen to pause and reflect amidst your busy day.

    13. Holy Grain Coffee: The Global Coffee Retreat

    Last but not least, Holy Grain Coffee brings a world of flavors to Orlando’s coffee scene. As an homage to global coffee culture, they provide an escape without the need for a passport. Visitors can enjoy:

    • A diverse range of international coffee varieties
    • Delicate treats from around the world
    • A homey ambience that embraces all cultures

    Travel the World in a Cup

    For an exotic twist, the Brazilian cappuccino, infused with cinnamon and chocolate, is a celebration of South American spirit in coffee form.

    Whether you’re a local looking to explore your city’s coffee landscape or a traveler in pursuit of Orlando’s finest cups, this curated list of coffee spots embodies the best of café culture. Each establishment not only offers a place to savor top-notch coffee but also serves as a canvas for Orlando’s diverse and vibrant community. Take the time to visit these coffee havens, and you’ll find that each sip reveals the heart and soul poured into them. Enjoy your journey through the top 13 coffee shops in Orlando – your ultimate guide to the perfect brew.

    Nellie Murphy, Senior Writer
    Nellie Murphy

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